Electrical Equipment Commissioning

Electrical Equipment Commissioning

Commissioning is the systematic process by which a piece of equipment, system, or facility is tested and conditioned to verify that it functions in accordance with the design intent and owner's operational requirements.

We deliver integrated services for Commissioning, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning. We are a team of strong and motivated group of engineers and technicians who are passionate about helping you meet your project deadlines.

Commissioning is a mission-critical stage for an engineering project of any scale, which demands a high level of technical excellence and operational expertise. We leverage our decades of acumen and experience to offer skilled manpower for making your project a grand success. In the project pre-commissioning stage, we make detailed plans and submit it to the client for approval.

Strict adherence to the highest quality standards is the assurance of our working principle. During the commissioning phase of your project, it is important to keep strict control over the material and service quality. We also work towards ensuring that the environmental conditions will not affect the project when it is launched. Testing and Commissioning are extremely important to keep the project equipment safe and active. The experienced and professional engineers of our team are fully equipped to handle the site with safety, quality and efficiency on the system, in both pre-commissioning and commissioning stages.

We are experts in complete substation equipment testing and complete functional relay and controls testing. We have the complete suite of modern testing equipment for enabling us to do complex testing in commissioning and pre-commissioning services for our clients.

Two key tasks of commissioning electrical systems are:
  • Defining the value to the client
  • Giving early stage design considerations

The more complex and critical the electrical system becomes and the greater the exposure to risk involved with loss of power, the more crucial it is to commission the system and verify that it will operate as designed.

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