Off Site Solutions

Off Site Solutions (Open Access)

Offsite solar projects are generally structured one of two ways:

The power generated from the solar panels is directly fed into your facility to offset your electricity consumption from the grid.

The power is fed into the grid and your business receives a utility bill credit for the power generated.

We provide the fundamental steps to be taken when considering on-site solar for commercial and industrial organizations. Since on-site solar may not be a viable option for every business, there are other options, such as an off-site solar plant. We’ll review the advantages of this type of arrangement, including structuring considerations and the importance of working with a provider that has expertise in both the solar market and the energy supply market procuring 100% renewable energy for their operations.

Off-site solutions help achieve these sustainability goals, while ensuring guaranteed savings for every unit of solar power purchased.

Off-site solar via the Open Access network uses grid infrastructure to transmit solar power generated at a different location to industries that have bulk energy requirements, but no idle roof or ground space for a solar plant within their premises.

Benefits of Offsite Solar-Free of building/land restrictions: The size and design of the solar array can be custom-made to best suit your organization’s needs, rather than limited by your existing site’s specifications and challenges.

Utility credits for multiple sites: Unlike onsite solar where just that location benefits from the solar generation or bill credits, offsite solar can yield savings benefits for multiple locations within the region.

For many of our clients, a typical rooftop solar power plant is not a viable option due to space constraints and greater energy requirement. This is where our grid-connected Open Access plants offer the ideal solution. Our clients rely on off-site solar to not just save on costs but also to help meet their RPOs and long-term energy transition goals.

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