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Reliable and accurate Auditing, Training and Consulting Services can work wonders for your business.

Reliable and accurate Auditing, Training and Consulting Services can work wonders for your business.

Sound decision-making about transparent business operations ensures that the right information is available to the right people who may need it and everywhere it might be needed. Energy data and energy management is definitely part of that but let’s be honest here, who knows how much energy you really need? How much energy is flowing into your business? Where it is really used and what happens to that energy? Today we like to see how our business portfolio works, which by the way have become some years old. Do you think this energy portfolio will help you cut your energy bills? And what role does digitization play in this situation? We will try to understand the rest in our discussion ahead but let’s first of all have a look at how energy management has been realized in the past. Actually all energy management programs of the past might have happened, say on your infrastructure management, on energy distribution level, sometimes including the building area but what about your production machines? What about the very production area? As a matter of fact all these areas or all these machines have remained untouched. There are a lot of benefits which could still be realized i.e. potential is there, you only need to reap the benefits. Your business research should be focused on finding out what you can do in order to make the most of your present business scenario. So in terms of technology if you turn around you will see that you have lots of product components and solutions right there waiting to be explored. Energy audit helps you to identify these very components and thus helps you better with your energy management process.

If you are interested in the well being of your business, you should assess the environmental impact of your business’s industrial operations and ensure that all the standards are being met. An environmental auditor determines the environmental compliance of a facility with regulations about anything that leaves that facility via air, water and soil. Environmental auditor also focuses on auditing an organization’s manufacturing process, making effective use of the FMEA process and the control plan. In the audit preparation, the auditor has to identify if there are any customer complaints related to the product being manufactured in this cell. After reviewing the PFA control plan auditor then goes to the shop floor to follow audit trials and talks to the machine operator. You should identify whether the auditor does this audit effectively or not in order to be fully aware about the process. 

 Let us ask ourselves a question, don’t we want to save some money? Don’t we want to reduce our energy costs? Certainly our answer is yes. In order to achieve our goals of maximizing our savings we should be focusing on energy management. 

Well, when you buy a washing machine or any other electrical appliance, what do you look for? The very first thing that we notice is that these items have labels on them that tells you exactly how much energy they need or how much energy they consume and when you buy this machine you definitely buy the one that would save you a penny or two. So when you think about your production line, you have the same situation to be handled. Business development managers in the energy management sector are the right people who can give you the required information and they will tell you anything and everything that you need to know regarding your energy management or auditing process. For a sustainable and well performing business you need something more than an engineering framework, something that enables you to have integrated engineering, digital workflows and transparency in production. 

Samarth Safety has been working on several business portfolios for years and thus we have the required expertise that will enable you and your business to make sound decisions regarding your energy management needs. Our well trained and qualified consultants can be a one step solution to transform your business into a leading one.