Industrial Energy audits

Industrial Energy Audit

Industrial energy efficiency is a key component in the transition of the economy towards increased sustainability. For an industrial organization, there are four major means to optimize their energy utilization: implementing energy-efficient technologies, energy carrier conversion, load management, and inducing energy-efficient practices.

The end-use energy efficiency and energy services directive promotes, among other things, the removal of existing market barriers and imperfections that impede the efficient end-use of energy. Energy audits provide an important tool in reducing barriers to energy efficiency. Furthermore, an initial, well-structured energy audit is the first important step in a successful in-house energy management program in the industry.

Evaluations of conducted energy audits in various different companies show that the calculated technical potential for increasing energy efficiency performance varies from 16-40% of the total energy use. Our Team carefully studies and analyses the scenario, highlighting the problems and corrective measures and If further the suggested measures are implemented and if the potential is reached or not depends on the barriers and driving forces for energy efficiency. The energy price can play an important role.

The methodology described is primarily for a technical energy audit with the aim to make the energy use more efficient and sustainable.
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