Power Quality Solutions

Power Quality Solutions

Optimum power quality simply translates to a steady supply of voltage that stays within a prescribed range. It is a measure of electrical network or grid to provide ‘clean’ and ‘sustainable’ power. Failing this might cause disturbances which may directly impact the supply system manifested in voltage, current, or frequency deviations that result in failure or misoperation of the heavy machinery or customer equipment.

Where do we step in?

We help you select the most adequate equipment that is specifically customized for your need. Be it compliance complaints, technical failure, premature ageing or any other power quality issue. In order to understand the root cause, we carry out detailed and prolific tests to ensure we understand you before we provide (not rush) to eliminate the problem and save energy and your bill.

Due to several external factors, sensitive electronic loads, motors, variable speed drives contribute adversely to hinder the power quality. In fact, these power quality related problems are common, and a major reason for unscheduled downtime in production. This results in you losing power and productivity without even realizing or knowing the issue.

However, the simple correction of power quality may benefit immensely as it is long-lasting, efficient and impactful.

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